Simplify your trade with Elobooks.

Streamline your trading and merchandising business operations through an online solution built specifically for you. 


Track and manage all your critical commercial operations such as Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Reporting, Expense Tracking, etc. from anywhere through our easy-to-use management system.

Leverage the power of the cloud for your business.

Affordable plans that are perfect for businesses of any size.

Monitor and manage operations from any device, from anywhere.

Business performance overview for managers and admins.

Customized feature development services available.

Equipped with business-ready features

Manager all your sales and maintain accurate reports that offer insights for better business decisions, all in real time. 

Generate sales history and order reports by customer, product, channel, location, and more.

Purchase orders update inventory availability for sales automatically while ensuring data accuracy. 

Our intuitive bulk-import feature gives you the ability to upload large quantities of products with excel/csv files.

Allows you to manage all your products from one page and handle different variants (colors, sizes, pricing) with a few easy steps.

Manage multiple warehouses and inventory locations efficiently across all locations on a single platform. 

Transfer stock between using a dedicated transfer screen.

Make better business decision with better business overview through our reporting module. 

Check profit and loss by month, quarter, year with a click of a button. 

Our accounts module integrates seamlessly with your inventory and order management systems. 

See current and updated accounts of each supplier and customer to view transactions and balances.


Choose the perfect plan for any size of business


Suitable for Small Businesses


$15 fixed + $5 per user


Tailored to SMEs


$30 fixed + $8 per user


Perfect for High-Volume Business


Customized Plan

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